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Who We Are

Adrian Thompson Attorneys-at- Law is a full service general practice law firm in St Kitts Nevis, the firm has developed a strong reputation among its clients at their go to law firm in St Kitts Nevis for providing well-crafted legal solutions, both promptly and efficiently. The firm is recognized as smaller but a nimble alternative to much larger firms, a boutique firm, and our system gives clients real time access with the attending attorney despite time zones and geographic challenges.

Law isn’t just our profession. It’s our passion.

Practice Areas

We are an experienced people centric firm that delivers results every time


Citizenship by Investment

St. Kitts & Nevis Citizenship by Investment Program is the oldest and most reputable immigration program worldwide.

Adrian Thompson Attorneys-at-Law are licensed Citizenship by Investment service providers.


Civil Law

Adrian’s career started in the office of the Attorney General (Guyana) where he participated in a wide array of Civil Cases representing the Government of Guyana and dispensing advice on all customary civil matters engaging the attention of the Attorney Generals Chambers.

Adrian served in the Attorney Generals Chambers as State Counsel under the,the time spent at the Attorney General’s Chambers was very significant as the Chambers was led by two notable Senior Counsels in succession.  The guidance and training received as a young attorney from eminent Senior Counsel created a very solid legal foundation.


Criminal Law

Adrian previously served as special counsel in the chambers of the Director of Public Prosecutions to distinguished Caribbean luminary Queens Counsel Charles Leacock in Bridgetown Barbados.In this capacity, Adrian advised the Honorable Director of Public Prosecutions in various criminal matters and represented the Barbados Government at the public bar in a wide array of Criminal Cases


Banking, Financial Services and Regulatory

Adrian is a former Legal Adviser to the Bank of Guyana (the country’s central bank or Federal Reserve) The Central Bank undertakes many functions in its day-to-day operations, the Bank’s main objectives are to issue and redeem currency; maintain monetary and financial stability; act as the principle banker to the government as well as the commercial banks and protect the integrity of the country’s currency.  As Legal adviser Adrian provided legal adviser to the Governor’s office and the Board of Governments.

The Bank also served as regulatory for all financial institutions such as insurance companies, banks, and cambio and forex dealers.

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